SATO, a leader in barcode printing solutions for over two decades, is recognized for delivering rugged dependability and reliable performance throughout its product line, which includes direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, RFID Smart printers, OEM print engines, 10.5-inch wide web printers, printer accessories, label design software, labels, and thermal transfer ribbons.

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SATO Industrial Thermal Printers for rugged dependability and reliable performance.
Industrial Thermal
Desktop Thermal Printers by SATO print labels, receipts and wristbands reliably
Desktop Thermal
SATO Print Engines are known for their dependability in mission critical print & apply applications
Print Engines
SATO Specialty Thermals include tag printers, a two-sided printers and wide web thermal printers
 SATO's Mobile Direct Thermal Printers are compact and lightweight for label and receipt printing
Mobile Thermal


Please note that the following models are discontinued. 
Do check out the replacement for the respective models which offer an even higher assurance of quality.

 Name of Model  Range of Printer  Replacement Model
 S84 Series  Print Engines  S84-ex(Launched in 2015)
 CL608e/612e  Industrial Printers  CL6NX (Launched in 2015)
 CL408e/412e  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launched in 2014)
 LM408e/412e  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launched in 2014)
 GT4e Series  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launched in 2014)
 M5900RVe  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launched in 2014)

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