About SATO New Zealand

In September 2015, SATO acquired the general labelling business of Jenkins Labels Limited, a leader in primary label production operating in Auckland, New Zealand. The labelling businesses acquired include primary labels, shrink sleeve labels, and continuous wrap labels (conti-roll).

The primary label business of Jenkins will complement SATO New Zealand’s existing capability in the areas of operational labelling, courier labelling, laboratory labelling, printers, barcode scanning and traceability solutions. To read the full press release, please click here

SATO also acquired the barcoding business of Checkpoint in 2006, and Walker Datavision in 2007. The acquisition of Checkpoint included the iconic kiwi brand Quik Stik International who pioneered the label industry in New Zealand almost 50 years ago. Walker Datavision was a pioneer of traceability solutions and one of New Zealand’s foremost providers of data capture solutions and consumables.


SATO New Zealand reinforces our commitment to local supply and customer care by investing in the best technology to make labels by offering the following:

• The most modern and efficient printing technology in the market today with servo control which automates registration in less than half the waste and significantly reduced cycle times compared with traditional mechanically operated machines

• In-house press capability for printing and raw material manufacturing all inline, which provides us the ability to deliver customised material solutions specific to customer application without international MOQ or lead times

• Continuous improvement efforts (developing best practice culture and equipment in accordance with global leading technology and standards)

• Rewind/converting unit leveraging the latest video inspection capability

• SATO’s digital asset control and online ordering system uses real time and allows customers to place orders directly and securely into SATO’s ordering system


Over the years SATO New Zealand, previously Quik Stik International, has developed and introduced the following innovative products:

• Print variable data in line on our presses

• Pioneered the pre-paid courier ticket 

• Designed and developed on pack promotion labels 

• Developed, in association with MAF, a system to uniquely identify pelts through the tannery process 

• Developed security features built into the forms used for meat exports 

• Worked with clients on developing new laminates to meet their needs 

• Developed a hang sell label for automatic application onto the finished product 

• Developed software to manage client’s variable data requirements 

• Developed software to record serial numbers packed into cartons, record any missing numbers then generate a single barcode containing this data 

• Manufactured the first palpable log tag for the timber industry 

• Developed the first recyclable label for Fonterra Co-Operative Group 

• Developed the first productised traceability solution in the New Zealand market Label & Track

Our commitment to our customers is to continue to research and introduce new technologies in the spirit of innovation.