SATO, a pioneer in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions provides solutions to healthcare that are based on absolute positive identification of patients, medications, specimens and samples, treatments, lab results and records. Positive identification protects patient safety and helps avoid medical errors, while increasing hospital’s productivity and reducing their costs. 

SATO printers can print industry-compliant barcode symbologies and formats. They are designed for use in environments that require high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The SATO labels, ribbons and wristbands are tested to withstand environment challenges: contacts with body fluids, blood, xylene and virtually every kind of chemical and water as well as extreme cold and heat. 

Cerner Certification

SATO's CG2 and CG4 series of printers have been certified for use with Cerner's Millennium solution, a platform of health care data management tools The Millennium platform includes applications such as SurgiNet which automates patient information sharing for surgical teams, and FirstNet which helps automate Emergency Department workflows.
The certification of the CG2 and CG4 series allows SATO to provide accurate and reliable printing that is required of a robust healthcare IT solution.
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 Cerner Printer

Patient Positive Identification

SATO is the pioneer of Patient Positive Identification and over 3000 hospitals around the world runs SATO today. SATO has developed a system for patient identification wristbands that incorporates SATO's compact and versatile CG2 barcode printerNiceLabel software and complete range of patient identification wristbands. The complete system, which meets the high standard for 2D code print quality, has been certificated for use in UK hospitals and patient healthcare facilities by GS1, and conforms to the new ISB 1077 Specification.  
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 patient wristband for healthcare industry

Blood Transfusion Safety

SATO offers electronically managed Blood Transfusion Safety System that allows positive matching of patients and blood bags, incorporating SATO’s 2D Code Patient Wristband, 2D Code Blood Compatibility Report and Bed Side Scan and Print Solutions. 
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Blood Products Tracking with RFID Technology

SATO is a pioneer in RFID solutions and world first company incorporated RFID capability to barcode printers. SATO offers RFID solution that allows complete traceability of the blood and blood products from donation centre to hospital bed.  
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Specimen Labelling

The TH2 intelligent printer has been specifically designed for fast generation of blood tube and other clinical label samples. Secure labelling at the point of collection is now possible in healthcare locations such as hospitals and clinics which employ electronically printed patient safety wristbands.

The wristband data can be captured automatically to output high quality printed sample ID labels with secure patient details. Clear, accurate print is displayed eliminating the risks associated with hand-written labelling. Accurate sample time and date stamp is an additional benefit.
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SATO offers shelf labeling and bottle labelling, and complete real-time material traceability with RFID technology.

With patient positive ID wristband, robust matching confirmation between patient and medicine is now possible.  
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Inpatient Meals

Together with SATO’s Patient Wristband Solution, now robust matching confirmation between patient and prescript meal is possible. 

SATO is also an expert of food expiry date management. Thousands of restaurants, hotels, and other food services around the world run SATO’s DateRight™ solution to improve food safety and efficiency.  
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Medical Supplies Tracking with Barcode and RFID Technology

SATO is a pioneer in RFID solutions and world first company incorporated RFID capability to barcode printers. SATO offers RFID solution that allows fast stock take, first-in/first-out, and expiry date monitoring, and enables efficient inventory management.
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Asset Management with RFID Technology

SATO is the one-stop solution provider offering complete rage range RFID solutions from Active RFID Asset Tag to  Passive RFID Tags, RFID readers and wired or wireless infrastructure to enable real-time asset management.  
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Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM)

SATO understands that high performance and robust solutions to the Healthcare markets require 100% accuracy and reliable performance in demanding environments. SATO New Zealand works with SATO Vicinity to ensure that we offer our customers seamless support and service to cater for these requirements.

Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) RFID is the answer for situations where large volumes of tagged items need to be quickly and accurately identified. On top of providing 100% accuracy, it is especially designed for dynamic situations where items are stacked or stored in any orientation. 

PJM Orbit - RFID Implant Tracking Solution for Suppliers
PJM Orbit consolidates your loan kit booking system, preference management, kit dispatch, return reconciliation and usage reporting, all into one solution. 

PJM Assure - RFID Implant Tracking Solution for Hospitals
PJM Assure system is a medical implant tracking solution that delivers profound process efficiencies to improve the loan kit processes in hospitals. It is a tried, tested and proven solution delivering positive outcomes to hospitals for better management of loan kit receipt and return. 
PJM RFID-Enabled Cabinets - New Way of Managing your Inventory
SATO Vicinity's PJM RFID-Enabled Cabinet delivers unprecedented real-time inventory accuracy and accountability in a simple, interactive package that can improve operations while it delivers accuracy. 
PJM Blood Safety
PJM RFID is entirely unaffected by blood. PJM RFID's high speed, reliability of operation and 100% accuracy are fully maintained for blood tracking. 

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