Plug-In Interface Modules | Easy to Swap


 Communication Interface Cards
All of the SATO Industrial Printers use Plug-In Interface Modules for maximum flexibility. They can easily be changed in the field to accomodate any of the commonly used host interfaces. Plug-In Interface Modules are available for High Speed Parallel, RS232 Serial, RS485 Serial, Wireless 802.11g and 10/100BaseT Ethernet. For SATO Desktop and other printers, external interface adapters are available for USB, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, and IBM Coax/Twinax connections.

  • GL408/412e
  • GT408/412/424e
  • CL408/412e
  • CL608/612e
  • M5900RVe
  • M10e
  • CLe RFID
  • M84Pro
  • D508/512
  • CT400/410
  • Lt408
  • S84 Series
  • M8459Se
  • M8460Se
  • M8485Se
  • M8490Se
  • M84Se RFID
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