Shrink Sleeves 

In the world of packaging, many New Zealand manufacturers are choosing to use shrink sleeves in place of conventional labels which offer 360 degree branding opportunities and offer unique possibilities for attention grabbing design. Shrink sleeves are widely used in the beverage, food, personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. 

  • Tamper Evident: Shrink sleeves keep the remaining print visible after the seal is removed
  • Scuff Resistance: As the print is trapped behind the clear shrink film this offers scuff resistance
  • Recycling: Shrink sleeves are easy to remove
  • For Wet Environment: Reverse printing for products stored or used in wet conditions
  • Flexibility: Apply to the whole container, the top only to form a tamper seal, or a combination of both

SATO design and implement effective product labelling for a number of clients across New Zealand who choose to use shrink sleeves. Our refined skill set allows us to create labels that perform the dual task of identification and promotion, pleasing all manner of seasoned suppliers.

Continuous Wrap Labels (Conti-Roll)

Continuous wrap labels (conti-roll) are fit for a variable array of uses, and offer an interesting aesthetic for consumer products. Wrap labels are a continuous reel of non-adhesive labels and are extensively used in the beverage industry.

To discuss your shrink sleeve or continuous wrap label (conti-roll) requirements, contact our label sales team on 09 477 2222 or feel free to email us at