Thermal Transfer Ribbons

SATO thermal transfer ribbons are not only specially designed to ensure optimum performance but are also continuously tested to ensure maximum print performance from your printer, and longevity from your print head. Our competitively priced ribbons are suitable for most thermal printers.

Choose from our range of resin, wax/resin and wax ribbons:

Wax  Wax/Resin  Resin 
Ideal for general purpose use, wax ribbons offer the best possible value. Versatile enough to print on a variety of stocks, wax ribbons also dissipate static. 

• Crisp edge definition for best barcodes and highest scan rates 
• Capable of printing at high speeds 
• Produces dark, clean text and barcodes at low darkness settings 
• Lowest cost ribbon 
• Recommended for use with coated and uncoated paper labels and tags 
The best all-purpose ribbon for challenging environments requiring high quality, durable images with protection against chemicals and smearing.

• Superior chemical and smudge resistance
• Sharp and reliable print quality at a wide variety of print speeds
• Complies with FDA (indirect food contact)
• Prints on a wide variety of materials 

The best resin ribbon for extreme environments where high quality images and resistance against abrasion and harsh solvents are required.

• Extreme durability against challenging environments
• Strong resistance to chemicals and solvents
• Recognized by UL, CSA and complies with FDA (indirect food contact)
• Recommended for use with synthetic labels and tags

Below is a list of the thermal transfer ribbons that are kept in stock at SATO New Zealand:

Code  Ribbon
Core Size 
DY/101.6X360/01  Wax  101.6  360  Face In  25.4mm 
DY/104X155/01  Wax  104  155  Face Out  25.4mm with notches 
DY/110X100/01  Wax  110  100  Face Out   12.7mm with notches and spare core 
DY/110X450/01  Wax  110  450  Face In  25.4mm  
DY/110X450/02  Wax  110  450  Face Out   25.4mm  
DY/110X74/01  Wax  110  74 Face Out   12.7mm with notches and spare core 
DY/160X450/01  Wax  160  450  Face Out   25.4mm 
DY/53X360/01  Wax  53  360  Face In  25.4mm 
SR/110X360PRO/01  Wax  110  360  Face In  25.4mm 
Y10110300039  Wax  110  100  Face Out   12.7mm with notches and spare core 
DY/76.2X360/01  Wax  76.2  360  Face In  25.4mm  
SR/152X360PRO/SSW  Wax  152  360  Face In  25.4mm  
PO/59X50/01  Wax/Resin   59 50  Face Out   12.7mm 
SR/101.6X360IN/6080  Wax/Resin   101.6  360  Face In  25.4mm  
SR/110X74/TR6080  Wax/Resin   110  74  Face Out   12.7mm with notches and spare core 
SR/45X360IN/01  Wax/Resin   45  360  Face In  25.4mm  
SR/76X450/TR6080-CA  Wax/Resin   76  450  Face In  25.4mm  
TRWR110360  Wax/Resin   110  360  Face In  25.4mm  
TRWRZ11091  Wax/Resin   110  91  Face Out   12.7mm with notches and spare core 

If you are looking for thermal printer cleaning cards, these are available in boxes of 25 (product code 46TPPS-G).

To discuss your ribbon requirements, contact our label sales team on 09 477 2222 or feel free to email us at