Artwork Specifications

The following guidelines have been developed for speed, ease, and most importantly delivering the design to your expectations. Contact us for further information or advice. 

Accepted File Formats:
When quoting PDF files are acceptable for viewing a document, however for printing purposes the native file the programme was created in is required. 

SATO New Zealand accepts Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop files. Please include all fonts and convert to paths/outlines. Our recommended minimum type size is 6pt for most typefaces other than a Sans Serif font. Please supply all files relevant to the job. 

We will endeavour to utilise all supplied material however file manipulation or conversion costs may apply for file formats not listed above. 

To ensure the files integrity through email systems please lock Mac files and use Dropstuff™ or WeTransfer, otherwise please supply a CD.

Screen Recommendations: 
Our recommended minimum screen value for any colour is 3%. Please discuss artwork requiring a screen value lower than this with us for suggestions on achieving the desired effect. 

Colours should be specified as Pantone Spot or Process Colours. Black text & keylines in CMYK files to be supplied as black only. 

If you have any special colour matching requirements please provide this information and/or a printed sample to your Account Manager.

Printed barcodes must comply with GS1 standards and the specifications of the product retailer (i.e. 80% minimum size un-truncated). Any deviation to this will be at your responsibility. 

◦ Die size / knife line included 
◦ Bleed where required included 
◦ 3mm clearance minimum printable type from die line 
◦ Colour printout showing separations included 
◦ All graphic elements supplied
◦ All fonts supplied 

As we have complex film specifications we do not accept customer supplied film due to the nature of our printing process.