Linerless & Eco Labels

SATO’s environmentally friendly products include linerless labels and eco labels.

Linerless Labels
Linerless labels are labels that are produced without liner or backing paper. Technological developments by SATO have made it possible for pre-printed labels and blanks to be converted by adding a silicone layer to the facestock, which eliminates the need for a release liner.

The linerless labelling solution offers benefits in terms of more labels per roll (approximately 30%-40% more), zero liner wastage, reduced process waste, more storage space and savings on labels transportation and logistics cost.

Eco Labels
SATO recommends many well-suited types of labels and adhesives for ease of container recycling.

SATO has developed a fully recyclable liner substrate that works for most label face stocks: SATO EcoLabel. The liner made out of polypropylene (PP) with a special coating of a unique release agent accompanied by a very thin but high strength backing film, which allows the labels to be price-competitive compared to glassine liner products.

EcoLabel outperforms glassine products in high speed application and full recyclability, and is generally considered suitable for any speed of application.